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Egyptian Revolutions: 1919 and 2011

Gripped by the Egyptian uprising from the very beginning, as I followed events hour-by-hour my thoughts turned to Naguib Mahfouz’s masterpiece, The Cairo Trilogy. Although my memory of the details of the first volume, Palace Walk, is very patchy, I … Continue reading

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Hague Rebukes Israel for ‘Belligerent Language’, But Who’s Listening?

Whether he was talking sense or not there is something rather pathetic about British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s intervention in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Interviewed by the BBC during his tour of a number of Middle Eastern countries, he said: Amidst … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Attack on Multiculturalism: Deja Vu All Over Again

My heart sank when I heard that David Cameron was to make a speech at a security conference in Munich attacking ‘state multiculturalism’. There have been so many negative speeches and comments made about multiculturalism by prominent politicians and public … Continue reading

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Feeding Jewish Fears of Egypt’s Democratic Uprising

It’s understandable and predictable that many Jews would be looking at the events in Egypt with the implications for their own concerns in mind. I have already written about the dangers of this kind of narrow-mindedness, especially if it entirely … Continue reading

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Freedom and Democracy Aren’t Only for Jews

This piece is cross-posted from Eretz Acheret where it was published today. The implications of the uprising in Egypt, especially if it ends with the ousting of the Mubarak regime, will be felt far and wide. Israel in particular has … Continue reading

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A Mistake of Historic Proportions?

After days of confused and mixed messages, the Obama administration finally seems to be making it clear that it wants Mubarak to go now. Officials still refuse to say this bluntly in public, but it’s being reported that this is … Continue reading

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Testing Times

Now that the Mubarak regime appears to have instigated concerted attacks against the pro-democracy activists, everyone with an opinion about whether its rapid fall is essential and to be welcomed, or whether there must be a gradual handover that prevents … Continue reading

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