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Antisemitism Research Just Improved: Yale’s ‘Initiative’ for Studying Antisemitism is Axed

For some years now I have argued that the academic study of contemporary antisemitism has been badly compromised by the growing politicisation of the subject. Back in September 2008, in an op-ed piece for Ha’aretz, I wrote: Practically the entire … Continue reading


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Don’t Distort Macpherson Report’s Recommendations on Racism to Attack the UCU

One highly significant consequence of the UCU vote on the EUMC ‘working definition’ of antisemitism has been the claim that the decision means that the UCU has rejected the Macpherson Report’s definition of racism. And that this justifies attacking the … Continue reading

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The Farcical Attack on the UCU For Voting Against Use of the EUMC ‘Working Definition’ of Antisemitism

There’s been much wailing and gnashing of teeth from those sickened by the Universities and Colleges Union’s decision to ban use of the European Union Monitoring Centre’s ‘working definition’ of antisemitism. At the UCU’s annual congress in Harrogate a large … Continue reading

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Shami Chakrabarti’s Comments on Antisemitism Distorted in Jewish Chronicle Headline

I greatly admire Shami Chakrabarti, the head of Liberty. Britain would have been a much more repressive society without her having taken such strong, consistent and brave stands on justice, freedom of expression and civil and human rights generally over … Continue reading

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Celebrity Antisemitism Teaches Us Very Little About the Reality of Prejudice

The piece is cross-posted from openDemocracy where it was published on 10 March 2011 The outbursts of alleged antisemitic sentiment by John Galliano, Charlie Sheen and Julian Assange have been roundly condemned. It shows that there is still widespread sensitivity to the public … Continue reading

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Is Galliano’s Antisemitism the Height of Fashion?

This piece is cross-posted from Eretz Acheret where it was published on 3 March 2011 The flamboyant, bandana-wearing haute couture dress designer John Galliano can be seen abusing two women with antisemitic insults in a Paris bar in October last … Continue reading

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