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Muslims and Jews: beyond clichés and mutual demonisation

A fascinating and important workshop on relations between Muslims and Jews, organized by the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism at Birkbeck University of London, began with a nuanced account of the treatment of Jews and Muslims in English … Continue reading

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A Millstone Round His Neck: Obama’s Yes to Bibi’s ‘No Negotiations Unless Palestinians Recognize Israel as Jewish State’

I watched live coverage of the press conference given by President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron at Lancaster House on 25 May. Towards the end, a journalist asked Obama an intelligent question about the Middle East speech he made … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Jewish Renaissance in Poland: A European Story

It seems rare these days that good news stories about Jewish life in Europe make it into the mainstream media. And if such news comes out of Poland it’s as likely as not to be diluted by the usual stress … Continue reading

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Pessimism Has its Place, But it Doesn’t Define the Jewish Condition

This piece is cross-posted from Eretz Acheret where it was published on 31 March 2011. The great Jewish writer Shalom Aleichem (1859-1916) said: ‘April Fool is a joke—repeated 365 times a year.’ Does this encapsulate the uniqueness of Jewish pessimism? History … Continue reading

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The Religion Question in the Census: ‘A Vital Tool of Communal Service Provision’

This is an updated piece cross-posted from Eretz Acheret, with a new title. This year’s decennial census of England and Wales may be the last of its kind, but if so, at a cost of $782 million, it will go … Continue reading

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Could 61-Year Old Rabbi Julia Neuberger Become Britain’s Foremost Jewish Leader?

This piece is cross-posted from Eretz Acheret, where it was published under a different title. Hard on the heels of the announcement that Jonathan Sacks is retiring as Chief Rabbi of Britain’s mainstream orthodox denomination comes news of a new … Continue reading

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