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Now Ken has apologised to London’s Jews, was Freedland right to say ‘I won’t vote for him’?

A day or two after Jonathan Freedland wrote an op-ed published in the Guardian announcing that he could not vote for Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London, because ‘he doesn’t care what hurt he causes Jews’, I started to write a … Continue reading

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The Jewish Chronicle’s Attack on the Pears Foundation for ‘Blindness’ Towards ‘Jihadi Propagandists’ is Shoddy and Undeserved

Splashed across the front page of the Jewish Chronicle on 13 May, like a sensational scoop, was the ‘revelation’ that the Pears Jewish family foundation funded an organization, Forward Thinking, which was responsible for bringing an associate of the 7/7 bombers to the House of … Continue reading

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When the New is Not So New: The Radical Right in Europe Today

Political observers and analysts always seem to be on the lookout for the ‘new’; that new political movement – on the right, or left, or even in the middle – marking a significant break with the past and telling us … Continue reading

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Making a Meal Out of Migrants: Cameron’s 14 April Speech on Immigration

Most of Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech on immigration delivered in Hampshire on 14 April was a detailed exposition of how the coalition was succeeding in coming to grips with the ‘problem’ of ‘too high a level of immigration’ into … Continue reading

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Revealed in the Arabian Gulf: the Values-Shaped Hole at the Heart of Cameron’s Government

When I saw David Cameron defending his ‘passionate’ belief in the Big Society, I found myself giving him credit for his sincerity. My opinion of the policy, idea, concept, or whatever you want to call it, was damning—the Tories just … Continue reading

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Hague Rebukes Israel for ‘Belligerent Language’, But Who’s Listening?

Whether he was talking sense or not there is something rather pathetic about British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s intervention in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Interviewed by the BBC during his tour of a number of Middle Eastern countries, he said: Amidst … Continue reading

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