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Acting responsibly as a trustee is what counts, not your views on Hamas – response to Martin Bright

This piece is cross-posted from the Independent Jewish Voices website where it was published yesterday. Here’s the backkground: Martin Bright, the political editor of the Jewish Chronicle, originally attacked two organizations, Forward Thinking and CitizensUK/London Citizens, which develop dialogue with … Continue reading


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Jewish Chronicle: End the Witch-Hunt

This piece is cross-posted from Independent Jewish Voices Three weeks ago the Jewish Chronicle published a front page attack on the Pears Foundation for providing funds to Forward Thinking, a charity aiming to build greater understanding ‘between the diverse grassroots Muslim communities and the wider … Continue reading

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Making a Meal Out of Migrants: Cameron’s 14 April Speech on Immigration

Most of Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech on immigration delivered in Hampshire on 14 April was a detailed exposition of how the coalition was succeeding in coming to grips with the ‘problem’ of ‘too high a level of immigration’ into … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Attack on Multiculturalism: Deja Vu All Over Again

My heart sank when I heard that David Cameron was to make a speech at a security conference in Munich attacking ‘state multiculturalism’. There have been so many negative speeches and comments made about multiculturalism by prominent politicians and public … Continue reading

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